About EldersChoice

EldersChoice Mission Statement: to help individuals maintain their lifestyle with dignity and promote the highest quality of life that is achievable while living in the comforts of their own home or independent retirement community.

EldersChoice Philosphy: EldersChoice philosophy is based on client choice and preservation of self-determination with regard to living arrangements and other choices. Maintaining the dignity of the individual client throughout the process is primary. This is why we are called “EldersChoice”.

A Message from the President:

For many years, Paula Levitas was employed as the Director of Senior Services for a fully accredited non-profit social service agency in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As the Director, Paula worked with many individuals, couples and families that were not interested in selling their homes, giving up their routines and cherished memories to reside in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

At the same time, the clients and their families needed to have non-medical support services and supervision provided in the home to remain there safely.

Individuals, couples and families were also frustrated by the cost of having to pay very expensive hourly fees, having multiple caregivers coming in and out of the home, direct care providers not showing up on time or calling off and having to wait until the agency found a replacement, lack of trained professional caregivers and not really having the continuity of care due to home care agencies working on volume. EldersChoice focused on offering 24/7 continuous, conscientious and one-on-one attention to their clients.

EldersChoice, Inc. is unique because it offers a 24/7 live-in non-medical model only. This model allows mature adults and disabled individuals remain in the comforts of their home with continuous one on one attention. Through the referral of trained caregivers to assist with 24/7 non-medical services, customized care plans and ongoing case management, we can help our clients live more productive and dignified lives in their own surroundings.